Captain Eva’s Pool Bar, Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Open to public and our new meeting point for the charters.

Since  a couple of years I wanted to run the bar behind the pool of the yacht club but the owner never wanted to rent it out to anybody but keep it for the yacht club.

A few years ago they built Fisherman’s Warf, the new complex joining the yacht club. Plus the yacht club by now has a little hotel, some 15 rooms and several restaurants.  At that stage I was interested in starting a restaurant on the upper deck but eventually became cold feet as firstly the rent and the needed investment were quite high. I pulled out although I had friends who wanted to invest. But the scale of the project scared me and till today I am glad I did not take this project on.

But I never let go the idea to take over the pool bar!

The reason why I wanted that pool bar is not only as I can see that the location is priceless, the view unbeatable but best is that it can make my life much easier for my charter business.

Along with the bar come a little storage rooms. Not more than some 10 sq. meter but again, very valuable for me as I can have fridges and freezers in here.

Eventually I was lucky, picked the right moment and the General Manager Mr. Tayfun and the owner of the yacht club agreed to rent it out to me.

I have never run a restaurant or bar – unless you call my boats floating restaurants and bars. I have no experience in the real thing and need to seek advices from those more experienced than me.

My vision is a simple but working menu by the means that it has to be affordable, delicious and hopefully healthy. Having too many employees eats up the profit and can be rather stressful but if I can find a way to make both my business to support one another I see a huge potential.

Chicken from the charcoal rotisserie, salads, some sandwiches, pasta, good wines, cocktails, and fresh juices. Something like this.

As I work a lot with volunteers from all over the world I do gain from them. Mostly young people, pretty much all of them have experience in the hospitality business and worked as bar men/women or waitresses. They infuse me with some really great ideas.

The pool bar’s location is not only great but has a big downside and that are the frequently unwanted visitors: the monkeys. The grey macaques are at home here since much longer than the yacht club even exists; in fact long before humans settled here but by now are spoilt by the easy access to food and stupid tourists who feed them. Our location is much closed to the jetty point, The Westin Resort and The St. Regis Hotel, the monkeys roam around pretty much all day. Not that much of an issues if humans are busy and chasing them away but as soon as food is around they can really become a problem.

Sure they love the rubbish and if they have the chance to steal food or cans, they are faster than you can ever imagine.

For us the main thing is when the bar is not busy, early in the morning before we open and before sunset.

However, my volunteers made the little building monkey prove by fitting chicken wire nets around and during the night I can close it with strong bamboo blinds……

More to come, I have to run to the boat now….